BWANJI (hello)

ONE CURATOR is a personal zambian blog by self proclaimed promoter of modesty and home. The blog is a publicized treasure hunt of her homeland and continent, a continent that is a starburst with potential and beauty (both refined and unrefined).

ABIGAIL NYIRENDA is a modesty fashion designer [definition: a designer who designs to promote modesty in apparel and rich character in life]. To establish some truths Abbey was raised in Nigeria and partly Ghana, and lived for a short while in the USA. When she moved back in early February 2012, she quickly fell back in love with her first home. She is passionate about the various art forms and the youths. She's a minimalist, enthusiastic homecook, photographer, a creater of concepts for various artistic genres, and a reader of old literature, philosophical allegories and the bible. She may have many interests (and a slightly short attention span), but her passion lies in Jesus and she seeks to be live like him, the true walk with God is unpopular and can be tough (and like everyone she's not perfect) but her God is and he gives her unexplainable joy like nothing you've ever known. He guides her and she believes... "that's all I need."