it's been a year plus since I finally moved back to Zambia and I decided that missing this event was not possible. Especially since I googled "Zambia Fashion Week", "Zambian Fashion Week" even "Fashion Week in Zambia" and I found basically nothing. That disappointing google experience urged me to attend and post on my experience. I will have to say that @MaFashio really covered the event and to view it you can check the link. Read on for my Zambia Fashion Week favorites and my experience.
being my first time Zambia fashion week I've decided to focus on the runway side of my experience, although @afrosocialite seemed to share just about all my sentiments, I might talk quite a bit but I'm no lengthy writer (because I have a short attention span and I assume people are like me, so I avoid writing lengthy blog texts *smiles*), so if you'd like to read the similar experience we had check the link. But let's move on, fashion week is a major time for any designer and using the event to the designers advantage for what ever reason (refer to business plan). At the show there were a good number of designs that I could see myself in despite my causal and minimalistic taste. Other designs I appreciated and found as inspiration for their artistic and contemporary approach. The variety was definitely not lacking although personally when I view a collection I like to understand the inspiration and direction because a cohesive collection is essential for a designer. I saw that cohesion with Kutowa Designs, Yvone Ndawana, Charity Nyirongo and a few other designers and understood their inspiration. Although I'd hoped designers would have used the event to practice a little PR because it seemed that the sponsors were the ones who did a lot of that, with Samsung's huge catalog (with lovely handheld blenders *smile*). I do hope that in future Zambian designers can do their research for collections and invest in fashion text to really get themselves on the good foot. Many people think a fashion designer is what they show in the movies but it's a good part work and a lot of learning whether in text, in the field (internships) and practice (market testing or for family and friends). From the design point of view definitely got to see where the fashion industry in Zambia is headed. I was raised in Nigeria for about 10 years and I watched the industry grow especially through the free Style magazine that came out every Sunday in the Guardian newspaper, I can safely say that Zambia is on that timeline... one thing that's for sure is that with the creative minds that are popping up everywhere in the country and the already established industry pioneers, Zambia might be behind in some aspects but I hope we can use the historical lessons of the fashion industry in other African countries to our advantage and set ourselves apart. Appreciations to the organizers and designers of this years fashion week for what they have done. I've looked into setting up a fashion show and getting a collection up and it's WORK but I hope that the criticism and congratulations will be well received, it's all to grow.

P.S. The salsa dancers where fun (even though it took them forever to setup)

***apologies for images the lighting was pretty bad from where I was and coupled with the runway with the dark maroon carpet didn't help my shots.


Tsepo Mas said...

I read quite a few posts on the Zambian fashion week and I must say it's good to see us progress to greater heights . I just hope the organisers will get to take up the necessary criticisms to polish up on the next event in the near future. I hope u had a great time though .x

yeva said...

I just smiled when u said you grew up in nigeria for a while...
I think its a good thing that african countries are doing big things in fashion.
Ni e blog btw.

Vikee said...

hoe beautiful all the designs were
great post
love Vikee

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