tick tock that's the sound of time passing

oh mehn... from mini practice projects, trips to fabric stores, driving practice, occasional meetings, planning a trip to church obligations... I get busy. But it's hard to stress out when your blessings are ever before you, have to remind myself of that
plus I got my self a twitter so find me or not lol @CuratorsAssist


Ira Kharchenko said...

I love the elle cover!


Anonymous said...

I love the design of the fabric...eye catching...welcome to twitter.

Vikee said...

Is that the fabric you are going to work with? It looks beautiful
love Vikee

Abigail Nyirenda said...

yeah it's the fabric I plan to work with on one of my future projects, hopefully the next :)

mumu hamubi said...

Love your interpretation of materials. Which are you favourite material stores?

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