natural beauty

"all things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made."
John 1:3


Borjana said...

Oh how gorgeous,sweetie!

Sam said...

Hi dear, how are you? Thats such a beautiful image.

febrina utami putri said...

pretty photo :)

Beauty said...

Beautiful; I love your blog and would like to follow but I do not see the GFC button. I guess I would have to get a Bloglovin account..:)

Stop by my blog to say hi sometime.

Abigail Nyirenda said...

Thanks so much...
I took my GFC widget off because Google's GFC is going to be discontinued by July this year, so now using all the other links on my sidebar for updates. And I'm stopping by your blog right now lol :)

Yara Mel said...

Amennnnn :D The book of John teaches a lot :D glad you enjoy the word of the Lord.

also I just want to say that I am really engaged in DIY, beauty tips, recycling clothes, style and quick make-up. So i'll be making videos about this things :D
Please please please subscribe to my channel and share the video you like on facebook so your girlfriends can see :D

thanks alot
God Bless you.

Lucia Didri said...

So inspiring, and beautiful. Thanks for your visit and comment sweety! Would you like to follow each other! Kisses & Hugs


Casterbridge said...

hmmn I love how you can give deep meaning to the simplest of pictures. and that verse is classic, love it!
By the way, I tagged you in an award! Details about it are one my blog so be sure to visit it :)

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