I would just like to acknowledge God right now, because there is no other reason I'm here. I'm so grateful that God has kept me, over the years I have lost friends although saddened by their absence I'm grateful that He has kept me and others I hold dear. I know 20 years of my life I had knowledge of who God was but never knew Him like I do now, but now I've seen how even in my sin He kept faithful with His unfailing love
thank you for loving me my One Curator


black panther said...

That was a wonderful thing to write. I, too, thank God every day for my life.
Happy belated B-day! 21 is niiiiiice :D

Strong Self said...

Happy 21, fellow blogger. We all have God to thank for how He's always been with us.

Check my blog out here:

Vikee said...

beautiful pictures
love Vikee

Stephanie Masuwa said...

The place looks awesome, cant wait to visit my home, mother Zambia. U have such beautiful pics.

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