looking up surprises me, so I look often

do you look up often?
lately I do, and every time I see beauty and it just is so evident to me that a bunch of gas can't do what I see.

I'm a photographer of nature, because of it's quite but outstanding beauty. It just leaves me in awe. Quite honestly there is not much I can say about nature to you, it's all about what you eyes see. So any day of the year, any season in a place where nature is dominant, watch nature or just look up at the blue skies or the stary night (stars or no stars) I've found it to be beautiful and that's how I connect with God. 

It's in nature that God amazes me because as an art enthusiast I appreciate detail and all the ideals of truly great art work, and all of it is an imitation of nature or man. All God's creations.


Maleeka said...

Amen! Great picture. So full of life. :)

Stephanie. said...

This is beautiful.

Steph, Chocolate Laced

Unknown said...

@Maleeka and @Stephanie: Thank you.

Carla said...

I've always enjoyed nature and capturing it on any type of recording device that I can. I've always enjoyed looking up at the sky, particularly at dusk. I look a little more often since my mom passed.

BBella said...

Hi, your blog is amazing. :)
Would you like to follow each other?

xx BBella

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