going natural: big chop no. 1

so this isn't the first time going natural, but I felt that I should introduce how I went natural and why. So stopped relaxing my hair Mid-August 2011 and did my first big chop early February 2012. I had natural hair up until July 2012, where I relaxed my natural hair cause it was growing fast and I didn't know what to do with it. HUGE MISTAKE...

Thank God I realized it right after relaxing but it was too late, but after that I went of that straight hair crack we call relaxers (like crack once you start, it forces you to continue cause you look shabby with natural growth and relaxed hair at times). I usually don't follow what everyone is doing (but I won't front like I haven't before), but I just like knowing what I'm getting into. Actually all my friends including my family told me not to cut my hair cause it was so long but I wanted healthy hair the first time but knew nothing, I mean nothing about natural hair so I found myself braiding all the time and I hated that.

BACK TO MY SECOND BIG CHOP: I did my second big chop mid-October and I'm not going back. This time I learnt about the basics and tried it on my TWA and could feel my hair thanking me. Plus I'm trying to stick to healthy natural products strictly, want to avoid products (use the great things God created)

a look at my hair length permed before I went natural.


kim bim said...

love both pictures, your looks are gawj, the first picture makes you look younger like 16 but second picture looks 22 and classy.
lets follow each other if you lurv to.

Maleeka said...

Have a healthy journey. If your hair can grow to that length with a perm, there's no limit on how long it can get naturally.

Mide said...

cool pictures!
the big chop suits you!



I love your blog. Natural hair is so important to me. Beautiful natiural hair. I love it. We followed you!!



Unknown said...

@Everyone: Thank you. I do plan to make this a healthy journey, it surprises me how healthy I want my hair to be.

Marie Young said...

You have a beautiful face so you can rock any length/style!


Unknown said...

Thanks... Wish you had been there to explain to everyone why it was okay for me to cut my hair, but they loved it after I did. :)

Aucurlsnaturelle said...

you look gorgeous with your TWA :D :D

Mz E said...

i love the 2nd chop as well as the first. it looks good on you and brings your face out more. *smile* i found that in my hair journey, that going MORE natural was the best for ma hair and what it likes, i stick to it!
Mz E.


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